Thursday, October 19, 2006

songs in the key of claudine

originally posted on the marvy blowupdoll, this claudine 'tribute' was so popular i thought i'd re-post here. it features 23 songs recorded by claudine, sung by other people, including: dusty! mama! margo! four king cousins! nancy! buffy! patty! and more.

(f.y.i.- i say tribute but she's not dead!!! and yes, i know some of these songs are by the original artists- it doesn't matter; they are great songs, so just enjoy it!)

songs in the key of claudine- side A

songs in the key of claudine- side B

(...part 2 coming soon)


Anonymous said...

none of these links seem to work! I'mdying to here your tribute. is it possible to post again?


mordi said...

it does work, except it is not a direct 'save as'.
click on side A or B and it will take you to the folder, and you can download each song separately.
(this is because i couldn't work out how to do a direct download of the entire folder- sorry!)

Anonymous said...

yes, the individual songs weren't loading, but now they are comgng through just fine. thanks for posting theses. lovin the new claudine blog!

jerofejev said...

très, très nice! Happen to know where i can find an mp3 of the song she sings in 'the party'?

mordi said...

sure thing- i'll post it sometime this week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mordi

Missed the Claudine tribute the first time around. Thanks so much for posting it again.