Friday, October 13, 2006

flower girl

the cover of claudines first lp released in 1967 (click to enlarge)


Davecat said...

This was the first Claudine album I ever picked up - and when I say 'album', I mean I bought it on vinyl for $3 at a used bookstore. Between Claudine and Mme.Gall, they were my 'gateway drug' into Sixties Euro-girl singers. And I've never looked back since!

Fab idea for a blog, Mordi! All Claudine, all the time. :-)

Mister Blaster said...

A&M Records had a lot of these dreamy, romantic covers at the time that were considered pretty square by the rock music people in the 1960s. Herb Alpert, who ran the label, was in many ways out of touch with the times, though he did find an audience (and his fortune) with suburban swingers and wife-swappers who were too old to be hippies but still young enough to be trendy and experimental. Claudine was undoubtedly on many turntables as the lights went low and the bottle was spinned.