Sunday, January 29, 2017

happy birthday

bonne anniversaire claudine!


Bryan said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Claudine!

The Dark Angel said...

I do wonder is Ms. Longet knows about this website and has ever checked it out / visited it. She still does have fans that appreciate her singing and acting. I created a Best of Playlist on youtube and tried to put the best songs, my favorites, that matched her soft delicate vocal range and the youtube video clip of her from the TV show Run for Your Life with Ben Gazzara where she played her guitar and sung her song Medallion. THAT is the episode where musician Herb Albert saw her, liked her singing and personality and signed her to a pop recording contract with his A&M music label. ALSO on youtube is her TV show appearance on the american war TV drama Combat. I believe the episode was entitled The Partisan where she played a beautiful blind French girl whom was hiding an ally soldier from the Nazis. Her acting in that was actually very good. Loved her delicate Swan like dancing on The Andy Williams' variety show The Look of Love, she was like a Ballerina.