Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The Dark Angel said...

I LOVE this photo of her and most of them of her with longer hair. circa 1969 /'70 perhaps? The photos don't have any captions to them

Anonymous said...

Can you repost a song on youtube and in this blog from Ms.Longet, her song called: "When I Look in Your Eyes" from her Love is Blue album from 1968 repost that song with this picture to represent the song or a pretty picture of her to go with the song guess they call it the thumbnail picture So that people can see this photo or a pretty picture of her as the song plays. The one that is on youtube now is not good.

The Dark Angel said...

Do you know what TV show or special or variety show this was
Did she do one with Tom Jones?
THIS photo image should be used to represent her singing one of her songs on youtube to view as one of her songs play.