Saturday, June 27, 2015

happy birthday to me!

a wonderfully smiley photo of claudine to celebrate my birthday!

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The Dark Angel said...

IMO only As a kid back in the 60's I like many teenage boys and Men had crushes on Ms. Longet. She was not a bigger than life overdone Hollywood Starlet all made up I think Ms. Longet was extremely pretty naturally and genuinely with a gorgeous smile and Doe like deep sad eyes. What we found attractive about her and still do is her sex appeal was soft, dainty with a petite frame and her shy soft voice and her whispery soft delicate singing voice. As a kid I luvd seeing her on her then husband Andy William’s TV show where she would come on and sing and dance so beautifully and gracefully. On youtube is a video “Andy Williams + The Look of Love” wherein Williams sings this popular song as his wife gracefully dances in the background. Then we loved her in the funny funny Peter Sellers’ movie The Party wherein she again was just so sweet, shy, demure and innocent and vulnerable which older guys found appealing and alluring. She sang Mancini’s song Nothing to Loose to Peter Sellers in that movie.
Ms. Longet appeared in an episode of Ben Gazzara’s TV show Run for Your Life where she played her guitar and sang to him the song Meditations, also on youtube. Musician Herb Alpert saw her in this and immediately gave her a record contract with A&M ?? which launched her recording career. Her voice was so slight and whispery that I myself didn't like many of the songs given to her to cover that didn't match her vocal range I thought However on youtube and IMHO I am totally crazy over these songs wherein her singing sounds very good with her cover versions of: Wanderlove by Mason Williams and I’ll Be There from Michael Jackson and Holiday from the Bee Gees and Hello Hello from Susan Cowsill and End of the World and I love How You Love Me along with about five others, these are my personal faves.
A music band called The Shangs did a song tribute to Ms. Longet called Claudine while The Rolling Stones did an anti tribute song about her called Claudine which was bootleged as they were not legally allowed to use it on their album of the time. Side note, Ms. Longet and her then husband Andy Williams named their third child Bobby in honor of Williams’ longtime friend Bobby Kennedy whom the Williamses were suppose to have met up with after his speech but was assassinated that night.
Ms. Longet also appeared in a TV episode of McHale’s Navy and Alias Smith and Jones and on The Name of the Game and on Love American Style.
These are my personal recollections and memories, most or all of this info you already know but being a lifelong admirer of Ms. Longet I wanted to share what I remembered. Thanks. Time to listen to her cover songs of Holiday and ohhhh, her Scarborough Fair cover song :)