Saturday, February 01, 2014

wowsers! new picture alert!

i have some amazing and rare photos of claudine to come over the next few months - kindly sent to me by bryan - this guy is a legend - just look at this picture - i've never seen it before. and it's always wonderful to find a new photograph of such an icon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mordi, but the beautiful,precious angel Claudine is the legend. Thanks for the music Claudine, and a belated Happy Birthday! Happy Valentines Day too! Love You, Bryan

Darby said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

This picture is from footage of
The Fear of High Places---season
opener for The Name of the Game series--you should watch the whole
movie to get amazing pictures of
Claudine out in a meadow with
her soft voice and guitars as
background for the scene---truly

mordi said...

Oh I'd love to see it so much !

Siegfried Gony said...

Thank you for sharing, you make the joy of fans all around the world, great job!

Pia Martinez said...

You do a very nice thing! I love claudine!! Pia