Thursday, January 05, 2012

wow! look at this!

claudine as 'miss cinema' 1959 i think. why she was miss cinema i have no idea!


jean said...

Hi Mordi!
Long time no see. Happy albeit belated New Year to you!
I had a good giggle at this cute picture of Claudine. Sadly my dear Mother's not with us anymore so I asked my Aunt about this Miss Cinema mystery. Well it seems back then in the 50/60s Miss Cinemas were starlets who were voted as sort of best new comers to the movie industry or sort of like 'the starlet most likely to have a great career' award. My Aunt thinks French Bond girl Claudine Auger held the title too. Anyway...those were the swinging days I guess.
Catch up with you later Mordi! LOve your blog & I applaud your devotion.:)

mordi said...

hi jean, thanks for the info - shame she only made the one mainstream movie appearance though.