Friday, December 02, 2011


Anonymous said...

I actually watched the movie from which this picture displays the dress that she is wearing throughout the movie- "The Party" it was a very funny movie, very different from today's comedy style, I guess for 2 accounts being im. 27 and this movie was 1968 created. But I would definately watch it again if I happened to see it. Claudine is a very beautiful woman am currently scouting more classic movies she has been in

mordi said...

she didn't really make any other movies - but i think her best tv performance is from alias smith and jones and if you look around youtube there are a few clips from other shows she has been in.
i would love to see the tv movies 'how to steal an airplane' and 'the legendary curse of the hope diamond' - so if you have any luck tracking them down please let me know!