Sunday, September 26, 2010

love claudine

mordi has done it again - another NEW claudine clip!
the woman is an icon! listen to her gorgeous accent as she says good night to her children. then marvel at the beauty of her singing.


Anonymous said...

lovely Mordi !
do you rip those from the original tv programs ?

mordi said...

i have a few dvds that i have taken these clips from. this includes a few tv shows claudine acted in as well as some songs from andy williams shows.

this means there will be more to come...!

Mexicat said...

Muy bueno!

Loving all the clips you share! Are there any TV interview clips you know of? I try looking online but no luck :(

mordi said...

i don't have any interviews on dvd but i do have some interviews from the radio - perhaps i need to post them sometime!