Thursday, July 16, 2009

all new pic!

can you believe just how amazing this picture is. i'm not 100% sure what tv show it's from but i think it's from the tom jones show. i don't know what song she is singing (walk in the park? when i'm 64? birds?)


Lynn said...

I remember the show---The song

was called McArthur Park--

I believe Claudine did a duet

with Tom Jones

mordi said...

OMG! she sang mcarthur park?!


Bradley said...

Mordi! Where did you find this photo?! This has got to be one of the most gorgeous images of Claudine I have ever seen! I'm stealing it immediately and putting it on my desk top! :-) Stunning!!! AND She's singing McArthur Park? Holy crap! We must find this show!

Thank you SOOO much!


mordi said...

bradley- i know- it is absolutely amazing.

i even have a few more from the same scene- but need to find a way to convert from large slide to photograph