Saturday, February 23, 2008

listen up

for one more time only - a repeat exclusive of claudine singing in japanese.
this is truly breathtaking:
claudine longet - itsuki no komoriuta

(if you like it, or listen to it- a comment would be appreciated...especially if you want to hear her other japanese song!)


cinnamonK said...

Beautiful - Thanks for the chance to hear this once more!

Davecat said...

I've already heard it before, but I still like it. Does that count?

Dylan said...

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous! Lovley orchestration, and her singing is at its most dreamlike. This is one of her best songs. Thank you!

Dylan said...

Do you still have one more Japanese Longet song? I would love to hear it :)

Also, are any of Andy and Claudine's duets available? The "My Favorite Things" video you posted on YouTube is really wonderful, and it makes me wish they did an entire album together.


Tom K said...

I've downloaded it again to show willing (and I don't know where I put it!) but I'd kill to hear the other Claudine Japanese song... thanks!

KaBluie said...

Thank You!!!

Ronald said...

The song is a traditional Japanese lullaby. "Komoriuta" means "lullaby" in Japanese. Claudine is able to sing it so well because her French vowels sound similar to the Japanese pronunciation. But even better than the pronunciation is her sincerity. I think her conviction really comes across well. Thanks for posting this on the Internet.


anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks.