Thursday, November 02, 2006

canta en espanol

claudine sings in spanish: mucho tiempo mas

the marvellous spiked candy currently has a version of mucho tiempo mas by bel divioleta up - go get it now!


Ashley Plath said...

This is a really swingin' blog.
Nice work!

Christophe said...

Hi mordi, thank you for that lovely blog
you made me discover claudine 2 years ago via your blowup doll page et in a kind of way, it changed my life !
I was already a huge fan of gainsbourg,polnareff, hardy, gall and a lot of 60's stuff, but with claudine it's different
have you the possibility, in the future to poste som "love is blue"'s songs, it's the only missing album for me and it's not available in France ( i've only the six tracks on "helo, hello the best of"
so keept the good job on ( and sorry for my english)

mordi said...

thanks christophe....let me know the songs that you are looking for and i'll do my best to help you out!

Christophe said...

Hi mordi, thanks for answering so quickly! !
from love is blue i've only "small talk" "dindi" "walk in the park" "love is blue" "it's hard to say goodbye"
and " I don't intend to spend christmas..." which are all on the revola compilation "hello, hello"
I'd love to hear her "holiday" cover which I missed when you posted it in your blowup doll blog months ago...and of course other songs from this LP
it's very hard to find claudine's albums even in France, what a shame !

Alan said...

Thanks for posting this! I discovered it through the version at Spiked Candy, which is also beautiful.

I wanted to make you a request. Could you reupload (again!) the Clothilde album at Blow Up Doll? I lost it some months ago, with the rest of the hard disk. Thanks anyway.


spikedcandy said...

Alan, there's a blog I found recently that's dedicated to resharing discontinued uploads, and they've got Clothilde up: D'Accord.

spikedcandy said...

(hope you don't mind, mordi - thought it might save you some bandwidth, and they do credit you!)

Alan said...

Many thanks for the tip, Spikedcandy!